Nick Ruddock

A Leading Performance Gymnastics Coach, Consultant and Speaker

Nick Ruddock began as a recreational gymnast at the age of 5 in his home town of Woking in Surrey, United Kingdom. Unlike many high performance coaches of today, Nick was a recreational athlete for ten years before hanging up his gym shorts.
But it wasn't long before Nick was approached to assist with some recreational coaching, where he bit the bug and quickly discovered his new passion and planned career path.

Nick remained coaching recreational and developmental elite gymnasts at both Woking and Flair Gymnastics Club for a few years before having an itch to discover the wider world of high performance gymnastics, inspired by the 2004 Athens Olympics, in particular Team USA.

A few emails later, Nick was in discussion with one of the top USA Gymnastics Clubs of today, the Great American Gymnastics Express (GAGE), owned and run by Al Fong and Armine Barutyan Fong, Head Coaches of the 2004 Olympic Team, and personal coaches to Olympic Silver Medallists Terin Humphrey and Courtney McCool.
Nick travelled as a volunteer to GAGE under the tutelage of the Fong's for a whole month, prior to securing his first full time coaching position in the UK.
Nick continued to seek higher knowledge and experience, and in addition to returning to the mentorship of the Fong's, was also mentored closely under the watchful eye of Valeri Liukin, Co- Head Coach of the internationally renowned WOGA Gymnastics in Texas, USA and father/personal coach to 2008 Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin.

"Great communication skills and a clear vision. A vision which is a great help for high, but also lower level coaches. We’re sure to ask Nick back to come to the Netherlands and help educate our coaches."

Martin Nijkamp
National Development Coach, Netherlands
Nick's fast track education and experience contributed to a new role of 'Junior National Coach' for British Gymnastics, charged with the task of developing the developmental and junior gymnasts within the GBR High Performance program, ensuring a steady stream of athletes were adequately prepared to represent GBR and Team GB on the international stage, and rival for medals too.


"Nick's competence and his passion have left a lasting impression in Padova. His energy and drive will prove a remarkable source of inspiration for every coaches in Padova's gymnastics scene"

Nicola Costa
Corpo Libero Gymnastics, Padova, Italy

Throughout his time employed by British Gymnastics, Nick was privileged to participate in a highly prestigious coach education program delivered by UK Sport - the 'Elite Coach Apprenticeship Program' (ECAP) in which only 12 coaches from all Olympic Sports become a two year cohort, educated and up-skilled to best serve Team GB's mission of winning more Olympic Medals. 

One particular athlete on the medal winning European Championship team who benefited from Nick's experience and intense education was GBR's Amy Tinkler, who following 4 years of national coach input, and one year as a personal coach, added an Olympic Floor Bronze to her impressive haul of now British, European, World and Olympic hauls. 
Since 2010, Nick has lectured on Vault, Floor and multiple theoretical topics for the European Union of Gymnastics, (UEG) educating the athletes and coaches of over 25 European federations each year in Italy.
Nick began consulting in 2015, forming 'Nick Ruddock Gymnastics,' an organisation with a mission of easing the learning curve for elite gymnastics coaches.
Since this time, Nick has consulted for 21 international gymnastics federations including Germany, Romania, Japan, Australia and Brazil, and provided services to professional sports teams including Manchester United and Manchester City Football Club.

Nick has educated tens of thousands of coaches worldwide, with thousands more attending Nick's annual education conferences and workshops alongside an ever- growing community of followers of his online educational material.

"Nick's tremendous work ethic and desire have helped him become one of the top coaches in Great Britain. He won't disappoint!"

Valeri Liukin
Head Coach/Owner WOGA Gymnastics, USA

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