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Nick here!

You may have noticed that over the last few months, I've co-delivered a handful of Masterclasses, all designed to up-skill the gymnastics community by giving coaches the chance to expand their knowledge learning from industry experts.

It's fair to say they've been a massive hit, and they are contributing to my mission of providing top notch educational opportunities to the gymnastics community, irrespective of experience, qualification, age etc.

But there is still one issue.


Whilst the Masterclasses are typically held in an accessible part of the UK for ease of access, I appreciate that a vast number of coaches within my community are overseas, or they may have prior commitments such as competitions or training camps, preventing them from attending these events on the day.

It's essential to me that my content is accessible all over the world, to coaches in all corners of the gymnastics community, and for that reason, you'll be pleased to know that each one of the Masterclass clinics has been recorded and is being edited ready for you to consume from the comfort of your home (or gym!)

With 'growth mindset' being the only eligibility requirement to attend these Masterclasses, it's fair to say we had a wide range of experience in the room for all these events. The content was delivered specifically to the WAG community, for coaches wishing to develop athletes on a high performance pathway. The content is ideal for emerging/intermediate coaches who are looking to increase their technical knowledge. 

"A plethora of knowledge in live action"

Tom Welsh
Bars Masterclass Delegate

Available Masterclass Recordings

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Physical Preparation Masterclass 2017 [with Nick Ruddock & Dr. Dave Tilley]

A blend of basic anatomy, flexibility and mobility methods and physical preparation strategies, focusing on plyometrics, upper limb and lower limb mechanics.

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Choreography Masterclass 2018 [with Patrick Kiens]

The Choreography Masterclass, delivered by world leading choreographer Patrick Kiens covers three key areas; Acting for Gymnasts, What is Artistry and How to Create an Artistic Body Posture without using a Ballet Barre.

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Floor Masterclass 2019 [with Nick Ruddock]

Nick shares his go-to exercises and teaching principles of basic tumbling, including round off's, flicks, straights backs and twists. This is great viewing for coaches looking to improve their understanding of the most important principles of acrobatics, which can be applied to all acrobatic elements.

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Physical Preparation Masterclass 2019 [with Rupert Wiltshire & Daniel Lonsdale]

Daniel Lonsdale discusses all things shoulder health, mobility and strength to keep your athletes' shoulders in tip-top shape whilst training, including exercise selection and explanations! Rupert Wiltshire shares his extensive experience of foot and ankle care by looking at the exercises and focus points to keep the lower limb healthy and robust.

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Vault & Sprint Masterclass 2019 [with Jonas Dodoo]

Jonas leads a fantastic session on basic sprint drills and mechanics, providing clarity on the teaching progressions and desired technique, and also sharing physical preparation exercises also. Nick talks about the Yurchenko vault, sharing his favoured teaching approach and the rationale behind why he has concluded this is the most effective way of him teaching the vault.

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Choreography Masterclass 2019 [with Daymon Montaigne Jones]

Daymon leads a compelling session on choreography and artistic preparation, guiding the coaches through his process for building confidence, expression, and how he goes about constructing a world class floor routine. 

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Bars Masterclass 2019 [with Nick Ruddock & Jody Kime]

In this action packed Masterclass, Nick and Jody discuss body shaping and handstands, essential bar basics, flyaways, close bar elements, Shaposhnikova and release and catch basics. This will be great viewing for any coaches wishing to better understand what comprises a bar programme for performance gymnastics, and what principles Nick teaches by on this apparatus.

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[NEW!] Beam Masterclass 2020 [with Carol Angela Orchard]

Carol Angel Orchard is a world renowned expert on Beam, having contributed to multiple medals on the world stage with athletes and coaches who adopt her proven and effective system for teaching it. In this Masterclass she shares her world renowned beam system.

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[NEW!] Floor Masterclass 2020 [with Matt Jackson]

Matt Jackson is the former Head of Men's Artistic and Assistant Director of Coaching at South Essex Gymnastics Club, home to Olympians Max Whitlock and Brinn Bevan. 

Matt has played a pivotal in developing the foundations of many athletes that have gone on to accomplishment incredible feats on the international stage, and shares many of his drills, progressions and coaching points of forward tumbling within this Masterclass.

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"Made a less exciting topic interesting and I feel much more equipped to make my athletes better sprinters and vaulters!"

Jo Kulik
Vault & Sprint Masterclass Delegate

Frequently Asked Questions

If you attended the Masterclass in person, you'll receive access to the recorded content free of charge and will receive an email before public access.

Once the content goes live, you'll receive an email with your username and password to access the material. If you already have an account with us, you'll find the content in your content library!

These recordings come with lifetime access!

There is plenty to be learnt from the transferrable knowledge within the Masterclass recordings, and therefore in many cases, the content is not limited only to WAG coaches. (Acrobatics, Vault and Sprint, Bars etc is applicable also to MAG.)

"Daymon was fabulous! It was exciting to see his process of choreographing a floor routine unfold before our eyes!"

Roxanne Jennison
Choreography Masterclass Delegate

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