2018 Choreography Masterclass

LIVE Recording of the 2018 Choreography Masterclass with Dutch Coach and Choreographer Patrick Kiens

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Session 1 What is Artistry for Gymnastics?

Session 2 Acting for Gymnastics

Session 3 and 4 Creating an Artistic Body Posture

Would You Like To Learn From The WORLD LEADER In Artistry, All From The Comfort Of Your Living Room?

If you’re serious about improving your choreography and artistry, then keep reading, because you’re about to discover how you can learn from the world’s best and uncover tips, tactics and strategies to radically improve how you coach artistry and the results you get…

Hi, Nick Ruddock here.

You’ve heard of Patrick Kiens, right?

The chances are you have.

After all, Patrick is a National Team Coach and Choreographer for the Netherlands Women’s Gymnastics team, as well as being personal coach to Eythora Thorsdottir - an Olympic Finalist and European Medallist. 

Anyway, it’s fair to say that of late, the Netherlands have seriously been pulling up some trees.

There are all sorts of reasons for that, but let me tell you a key one:

Patrick has got artistry and choreography absolutely NAILED.

Where lots of coaches have a tendency to overemphasise power and difficulty in the routines they design for their athletes, the Netherlands have created a much better balance.

Do the athletes showcase power?  Absolutely.

Are their routines impressively difficult?  Without a doubt.

But that isn’t all.  You see, Patrick and his team have gone deep on artistry too, and in doing so they’ve developed a formula that both judges AND fans love.

In short, there’s no one in the world right now who’s doing choreography quite like the Dutch team, and that’s why earlier this year I twisted Patrick’s arm and convinced him to run a clinic for me in Birmingham, sharing everything he knows (or as much as he could fit into a day!) about choreography and artistry.

The delegates who were fortunate enough to be in the room with Patrick got HUGE value from the day, and whether or not you’re new to the game or you’ve been coaching for 40 years, it’s fair to say that you’d have got value from listening to the man.

But here’s the thing: not enough coaches have had access to Patrick.

I squeezed as many coaches as I could into Patrick’s clinic, but I don’t want to stop there.

You see, I know that what Patrick has to share has the ability to significantly and profoundly shape the way that you design routines for your athletes.

And consequently, what you can learn from him will lead to better results for your athletes and your team as a whole.

It’s for this reason that I’m delighted to introduce you to the 2018 Choreography Masterclass recording – a compilation of all of the choreography knowledge and expertise that Patrick shared with that small clinic, packaged up in easy-to-consume modules that can be devoured at your leisure. 

Through three high energy sessions, you’ll be able to glean a huge amount of Patrick’s knowledge, including:

  • The EXACT methods, exercises and programmes that the Dutch national team use, which have contributed towards their international reputation of world leaders in artistry
  • A full understanding of what artistry is, why it’s regarded as important and what the judges are looking for
  • Techniques for REDUCING your artistry penalties
  • The most effective ways to draw out expression and charisma in your athletes’ routines
  • How to construct a routine from a choreographical perspective
  • Training ideas to help promote, encourage and improve competition artistry
  • And much, much more!

Simply put, whether you’re already into choreography or you’re a beginner, you’ll get a HUGE amount of value from Patrick’s three sessions, and once you’ve invested in the Masterclass, you’ll have them as a reference tool to watch again and again, show to your athletes and use to hone your whole operation.

"Phenomenal knowledge and lots of easy gains to take back to the club "

Teona Jelbert

What makes Patrick such an expert?

I’m sure you’ll agree that everything I’ve outlined above sounds highly valuable, but if you’re not too familiar with the Netherlands team, or Patrick himself, you might be wondering why it’s worth investing your time and money in it.

So let me tell you…

Patrick is not your average gymnastics coach.

With vast amounts of theatrical experience at his disposal, as well as dance, Patrick is able to fuse his knowledge in those areas with gymnastics, and the results are, quite frankly, incredible.

Right now, this guy is the undisputed world number one when it comes to gymnastics artistry, and one of the other things that sets him apart from most choreographers is his high level of technical accuracy working in perfect unity with the movement and expression his athletes display.

I guess what makes him most interesting to me is that he isn’t just a choreographer.  He’s a coach too – he’s coached athletes to the Olympics, and because he gets the whole picture, he’s able to provide more value than most within this particular area.

"A very energised, full packed day of valuable and helpful information delivered by Patrick"

Molly Richardson

What’s covered in the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is split into three modules:

MODULE 1 (90 minutes) - What is Artistry for Gymnastics?

In this theoretical presentation, Patrick dives deep into what Artistry really is, why it is important and how coaches of any level and experience can and should include artistic preparation within their sessions.

Patrick shares his top tips for identifying suitable music and rhythm for a gymnast as well as the dos and don’ts when putting routines together. In addition, he shares the limited number of emotions that can be ‘acted’ by gymnasts in their routines and the importance of identifying them.

MODULE 2 (60 minutes) - Acting for Gymnastics

In this humorous and playful session, Patrick shares the games and exercises he uses to develop the confidence and technique of using expression and acting within choreography. These exercises are suitable for all levels and ages of athletes, (even the shy ones!) and will help to develop trust, confidence and the all-important expression that the judges desire! 

MODULE 3 and 4 (53 + 53 minutes) - Creating an Artistic Body Posture (without using a Ballet Barre!)

In Session 3, Patrick shows a range of exercises and programmes used by Team Netherlands to develop the posture, poise and movement qualities of a world class athlete. Expect to see a large number of exercises that will keep your athletes busy for weeks of training! (And there isn’t a ballet barre in sight!)

"The games to get the girls using their faces in routines were brilliant and I can't wait to use them!"

Rachel Kay

How do you view the Masterclass and is there a limit on views?

As soon as you’ve invested in the Masterclass, you’ll receive a username and password direct to your email inbox, as well as a link that you can click through to log in and watch the content.

Having made your investment, the content is yours forever, which means that you can refer to it again and again – it’s not a ‘one and done’ type thing.

You can view the Masterclass on your laptop or your phone, which means that you can get hold of it anywhere where you can get WiFi or a 3G connection, whether it’s on one of those posh internet-enabled trains or your local Costa.

"Patrick was fantastic and delivered a very informative masterclass which I learnt a lot from"

Lisa Davies

Who is the Masterclass for?

It’s fair to say that I’ve been around the block a few times in gymnastics.  I’ve learnt from the very best and to date I’ve worked with over 18 international federations with some of the crème de la crème of international athletes.

I don’t say this to brag, but to highlight that when it comes to gymnastics, I do know what I’m talking about, but you know what?

I still learnt a lot from Patrick. Tons.

And what’s very special about this content is that it isn’t just for elite level coaches – there’s practical and actionable content for all coaches, no matter what level you’re at.

"The tips he gave were so useful and things that I will definitely be able to take back and use within the gym"

Clare Diggle

Your Investment

If you’ve read this far, the chances are you’re keen to get your hands on the 2018 Choreography Masterclass, and you’re just wondering how much it’s going to cost you.

So here’s the good news: it’s only going to cost £69.99 – an absolute steal considering:

  1. You don’t have to go anywhere to consume the content – no night in a hotel, no train fare, no faff. You can consume it wherever you want, sipping tea and making notes.
  2. You can consume it as many times as you want. Events are great, but have you ever wished you could replay an event again so you can learn more?  Or fast forward it to the bit you need, or pause it while you create a plan for how to put the advice into practice.  Now you can.

"Plenty of expert advice to take back and share with the team"

Laura Hudson

And trust me when I tell you that this content is more than worth £69.99 – after all, how often can you access a WORLD LEADER to deliver over four hours in their specialist subject, and when you do, how often is that you can return to that content again and again and again, squeezing every last drop of value out of it?

That’s exactly what you can do with the 2018 Choreography Masterclass.

Not bad, eh?

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LIVE Recording of the 2018 Choreography Masterclass with Dutch Coach and Choreographer Patrick Kiens

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