2017 Physical Preparation Masterclass

LIVE Recording of the 2017 Physical Preparation Masterclass with Nick Ruddock and Dr Dave Tilley.

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Session 1 - Dr Dave Tilley Upper Limbs

Session 2 - Nick Ruddock Plyometrics

Session 3 - Dr Dave Tilley Lower Limbs

Session 4 - Dr Dave Tilley Lower Limbs

Session 5 - Nick Ruddock Core and Shaping

"I'm bursting with ideas and new innovations to take back to our club! I was amazed at just how much new information was provided to me and that it was done so in such a clear and easy to understand manner!"

Emma Owers

Here's What's Included

Each module runs for between 20 and 60 minutes and focuses on a different element of Physical Preparation, and amongst other things, here’s a snippet of the kind of information you can expect:

  • The serious flaw when it comes to conventional flexibility methods and why the common held belief is utterly incorrect 
  • The factors that are preventing your athletes from becoming truly plyometric
  • The step-by-step guide to ensuring your athletes’ foundations are correct
  • Important techniques to maintain safety and prolong your athletes’ careers 
  • How to ensure that your physical preparation regime dovetails perfectly with modern strength and conditioning practices 
  • The aspects of anatomy that all good gymnastics coaches should know, and what that knowledge means for your coaching 
  • The key principles of movement that you can apply to all gymnastics and sports 
  • The key movement competencies your athletes must have to underpin and increase the chances of safe performance. 
  • Plus much more ...
Access Now For £69.99

"2 incredibly experienced, yet humble and relatable experts spoke so passionately about going back to basics of the basics. Clear and concise, whilst challenging you to change your thinking - really interesting! "

Ruth Nation

Meet the Speakers

Nick Ruddock

Performance Gymnastics Coach, Consultant and Speaker to International Federations and Professional Sports Teams

Dr Dave Tilley

Physical Therapist & Founder of Shift Movement Science - one of the foremost medical authorities in the gymnastics world

"It was amazing to have physical preparation delivered with such confidence and knowledge"

Kate Lawton

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LIVE Recording of the 2017 Physical Preparation Masterclass with Nick Ruddock and Dr Dave Tilley.

Access Now for Just £69.99

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