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Introducing a unique opportunity to spend time with me and an intimate group of gymnastics coaches, focusing on specific elements of physical and technical preparation …


Hi, Nick here.

As you know, I’ve been running gymnastics events for a number of years now.

But – up until last year – most of them have been ‘classroom style’, with presentations, guest speakers and quite a bit of theory.

Which – don’t get me wrong – is necessary.  Vital even. You see, I’ve learnt over the years that unless you get the overall strategy and ethos right, it’s very difficult to experience success.

But here’s the thing: over the last couple of years, I’ve had A LOT of request for a different type of event.

An event that’s not in a hotel, but in a gym instead.

An event that’s less talking about gymnastics, and more about showing.

I dipped my toe in the water back in November last year, putting on the Choreography Masterclass with Dutch superstar Patrick Kiens.

It was an astonishing success, and the feedback I’ve had from it was so overwhelmingly positive, that I just knew I had to put on some more of these sorts of events.

"I would highly recommend Nick's events to other coaches wishing to develop their club's programme"

Katie Foster
Notts Gymnastics Academy

And that’s why I launched the Masterclass Series - monthly practical clinics designed to help coaches finetune their skills and knowledge.

These practical coaching clinics are designed to up-skill you in a range of different areas of physical and technical preparation.

I’ll be covering some of the most fundamentally important topics, including methodology, technique, skill development and foundational element preparation, as well as several advanced skills, and everything I talk about will be accompanied by live demonstrations, helping you to really get to grips with these topics in a completely practical way.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass and will definitely implement what I have learned"

Caitlin Ross
Hamilton Gymnastics Club

What sort of events are they?

As I alluded to above, these aren’t ‘GymCon’ style events.  They’re stripped back, ‘spit and sawdust’ type events for two reasons:

  1. They are all about practically making a difference to your coaching and your athletes
  2. I’ve deliberately removed as many frills as I can to keep the cost as low as possible

Don’t expect fancy seating, a stage with loads of lights, a three-course lunch or workbooks.  It’s just me, you, a few other coaches and some athletes, working together to really move forward and learn how to do the things that will really make the biggest difference.

Sometimes there’ll be a guest speaker, other times it’ll just be me.

Bring a packed lunch, bring your own notebook, and be prepared to learn a lot of the things I do to with my Inner Circle clients and the various international federations that I work with.

There won’t be 400 in the room like at GymCon either - each event is capped with fewer coaches, so it’ll be a close-knit, intimate learning environment.

"The best gymnastics event I have been to"

Chloe Carey
Head Coach, Harrogate Gymnastics Club

Some of our previous events


Upcoming Events


"It was an amazing experience and an event every coach should attend to expand their knowledge"

Rabin Beeloo
Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Each clinic will be different, with different topics, so there’s no limit on how many you can attend, and all of them will start at 10am and finish at 4pm, ensuring that you’ve got plenty of time to get to and from the venue, saving hotel costs and making sure that it’s only one day out for you.

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"Plenty of expert advice to take back and share with the team"

Laura Hudson
Cheshire Gymnastics Club

Previous Guest Speakers

I'll often bring a guest speaker to co-deliver a Masterclass. A coach or industry expert that can add massive value to the audience by sharing the tactics, methodology and philosophies behind their winning formula. Below you can find some previous guest speakers.

Who are the clinics aimed at?

Everyone!  No matter who you are, what your coach level is or the qualifications you’ve got, you’ll get great value from these clinics. 

The only requirement is that you care about your development – if you aspire to work with high performance athletes of any age (or you already work with them), then the content will be perfect for you. 

The content will be specific to Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics, but much of it can be transferred to other disciplines too. 

"Very informative, inspirational and mind blowing"

Emma Gillespie
North Walsham Gymnastics Club

Your Investment

As I mentioned, I’ve deliberately kept the cost as low as I can to ensure that price isn’t a barrier of attendance for everyone, and that’s why you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that each clinic is an investment of only £69.99.

It’s also worth reiterating that there really is a hard limit of the number of coaches that can attend each Masterclass, so when the tickets are gone, they’re gone.

"Clear and concise, whilst challenging you to change your thinking - really interesting!"

Ruth Nation
Cambridge Gymnastics Academy

Some of our previous events


If you know that you’d like to come to some of these events, my advice would be to take action NOW, whilst you remember.

To do so couldn’t be simpler:

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  3. Enter your details
  4. Block out your diary and get ready to learn!

I really am extremely excited about these Masterclasses.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I know that those who join me will get fantastic value that’ll help them both now and in the future.

Will that be you?

"A plethora of knowledge in live action"

Tom Welsh
Bars Masterclass Delegate

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"As always an exceptionally informative and inspiring day with Nick Ruddock Gymnastics"

Tom Yates
City of Manchester Gymnastics

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We may be bias, but we feel that gymnastics is the greatest sport on earth, and the foundation of all other sports too. That's why we attract coaches from several other sports also. With plenty of cross pollination between sports and disciplines, with the right mindset it's impossible to leave a Nick Ruddock event without learning something to improve performance at home. 

Other than being older than 16, there are no eligibility requirements to attend a Nick Ruddock event. 

Nick Ruddock's events regularly attract hundreds of coaches, many of which are from overseas! Everybody is welcome :)

None at all :) Coaches from a vast range of backgrounds fill our venues, from volunteers to national coaches and the cream of international gymnastics. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will gain something from attending. 

The most important to thing to bring with you is an open mind and growth mindset. Aside from that, bring your own lunch and refreshments, and whatever you need to scribble down the mountain of notes you'll have from the day! We have little control of the temperatures in these venues, so it may be a good idea to bring a sweater just in case you get chilly!

All of these clinics are held within our second homes, gymnastics halls! So please dress in whatever you feel most comfortable in. Please note that some venues may require delegates to remove shoes upon entering the gym.

Unfortunately filming or the capturing of audio is prohibited at these events. Feel free to make as many notes as you wish!

This event is for coaches only. Unless you have been specifically requested to bring athletes as demonstrators, please do not bring athletes with you.

"I'm bursting with ideas and new innovations to take back to our club! "

Emma Owers
North Walsham Gymnastics Club

Some of our previous events


Upcoming Events



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"Such an amazing event with lots of incredible knowledge and helpful tips "

Charlotte Morgan
Fromeside Gymnastics

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