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A brand new membership & mentorship programme for the everyday competitive gymnastics club


Gymnastics Coach? This is important!

This membership and mentorship programme has been specifically designed for gymnastics coaches who are looking to grow and develop into being the best version of themselves possible.

This is not a magic wand solution, I’m not giving you a blue or red pill to swallow and there’s certainly no silver bullet.

You see, growth isn’t easy. It requires GRAFT. TIME. PATIENCE, and a healthy dosage of PERSEVERANCE.

Still with me? 


Because what I’ve outlined on this page, and what I’ve developed within the 'Gymnastics Growth Academy’ has the potential to change the course of your entire coaching career, as my help has done so for many others around the world.

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"Nick has been an important person in developing gymnastics & gymnasts at European level for many years"

Anca Grigoras
WAG President, European Gymnastics

Brought to you by Nick Ruddock

Hi, I’m Nick. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. I’ve been involved in gymnastics since the age of 7 and coaching since 15. I’ve been on quite a journey of personal growth and development, one that I’m fortunately still on and hopefully always will be.
Only my personal growth is responsible for the slither of success I‘ve experienced within the gymnastics world to date. Including coaching international medallists, consulting for over 20 Olympic federations, running Europe's leading gymnastics conference, and being recognised as one of the worlds most trusted gymnastics coach developers
The Gymnastics Growth Academy is a unique programme tackling some of the grey areas within the current coach development space … 


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It often shows you 'what' to do, but rarely teaches you 'why' to do it

It's often limited to technical specific information which can only take you so far

It often distracts you from what's really important in your coaching development

It can leave you confused with all the conflicting information available

"I have known Nick for many years now and have been able to watch him grow as a person and a coach. His tremendous work ethic and desire have helped him become one of the top coaches in Great Britain. He won't disappoint!"

Valeri Liukin

The Knowledge Quadrant

The Gymnastics Growth Academy delves deeper than techniques and drills that barely scratch the surface of what's required to be a high performer in the coaching world. The Knowledge Quadrant; just one of many models that I share within the Academy, illustrates three additional areas of development that are equally as critical [if not more so] in determining true, long term success for both athlete and coach. 

3,2,1 ... GROW!

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Here's the truth ...

Not everybody is cut out for serious growth. It takes time, often an investment of money and let's face it, it's not always comfortable. But those that are courageous enough to challenge and push themselves to new levels of ability and knowledge are undoubtably those that thrive and become the high performing coaches of the future.

With your goals in mind, can you afford not to grow and develop?

What's the cost of you not pursuing a great level of education?

You may wonder why I'm qualified to talk about all this. So here's a snapshot of my journey so far ...

"The content Nick is providing to the community is incredible and there is nothing else like this out there in the Gymnastics field. "

Rabin Beloo
Chelmsford Gymnastics Club, UK


A Recreational Gymnast

Nick started his gymnastics journey at the age of 7, competing in a floor and vault competition at Woking Gymnastics Club. He later began coaching recreational gymnastics at the age of 15. 

2006 > 

International Mentorship

Hungry to learn, Nick sought the mentorship and guidance of numerous world leading coaches, including USA's Valeri Luikin, Al Fong and Armine Barutyan Fong who continue to mentor him to this day.

2010 > 2014

GBR National Coach

Nick's commitment to learning and time with mentors proved fruitful; securing a national coaching position for British Gymnastics, with sights on the first ever European team medal for the GBR Juniors (finishing with 7 in total.)


UK Sport ECAP Graduate

Nick was privileged to be nominated and accepted on the prestigious 'Elite Coach Apprentice Programme' led by UK Sport, in which 12 coaches across multiple sports came together for an intense personal development journey over two years. Many of the coaches on this cohort contributed to medal winning performances at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Nick graduated in 2013. 


A personal coach to GBR's Amy Tinkler

With Nick playing an integral role in Amy's development throughout his national coach position, Nick made the decision to work closer with Amy Tinkler and her existing personal coaches in the build up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where Amy went on to win a Bronze Medal in the WAG Floor Final. 


The conception of Nick Ruddock Gymnastics 

Since the organisations' conception, Nick has consulted with over 20 international federations, advised thousands of coaches and clubs across his Masterclasses, GymCon Events (Europe's leading Gymnastics Conference), Club Visits, Coaching Programmes, Education Workshops and Free Resources. 


UK 'Coach Developer of the Year' Finalist (UK Coaching)

Nick was nominated for UK Coaching's 'Coach Developer of the Year' award in 2019, and became a finalist of three from over 320 nominations. 


Launch of the 'Gymnastics Growth Academy'

The culmination of over 6 years of education work throughout the international gymnastics community, the Gymnastics Growth Academy has become the programme of choice for gymnastics coaches all over the world to up-skill their knowledge and develop their holistic skills. 

Gymnastics Growth Academy

Here's a snippet of what's included:

Weekly Educational Videos

Educational content covering critical topics such as planning, scheduling, programmes, physical preparation, technique and teaching concepts. 

Pre-Release Masterclass Footage

Recordings of live Masterclass events delivered by world class coaches and practitioners, covering all WAG apparatus, physical preparation and choreography.

Advanced Learning Models

Important learning models that Nick has shared in dozens of countries across the world. 

Weekly Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts with Nick and special guests. The perfect place to ask questions and engage in interesting coaching discussion. 

Exclusive Email Content

Receive exclusive and valuable email content to your inbox each week.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a members-only private Facebook Group, to continue coaching conversations related to the Academy content, or engage in community discussion. 

"I cannot begin to explain the unique environment that has been created, it breeds confidence, learning, friendships, support and access to experts that you would not normally have. Thank you Nick, keep doing what you are doing, it's amazing."

Cath Morgan
Fromeside Gymnastics Club, UK

Your Investment

This programme has been developed for the everyday gymnastics coach who is looking to access world class knowledge and content to help them GROW as a coach and individual.

Despite the years of grafting that has gone into accumulating this knowledge, and the investment to do so also, it is part of my mission to ensure that this programme is accessible to as many people as possible around the world.

With that in mind, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that monthly access to the 'Gymnastics Growth Academy' won't cost you an arm and a leg, and if you act fast, it will be even cheaper too.

The standard price of the 'Gymnastics Growth Academy' will eventually be £67 per month (or £670 for the year, saving two months membership fees if you choose to pay upfront.) 

BUT current membership prices are just £47, a saving of £20 per month

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Weekly Videos

Pre-Release Masterclass Footage

Advanced Learning Models

Downloadable Templates

Weekly Live Broadcasts

Exclusive Guest Interviews

Weekly Group Consultations

Exclusive Email Content

Members Only Facebook Group

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Weekly Videos

Pre Release - Masterclass Footage

Advanced Learning Models

Downloadable Templates

Weekly Live Broadcasts

Exclusive Guest Interviews

Weekly Group Consultations

Exclusive Email Content

Members Only Facebook Group

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Become a part of Nick Ruddock's exclusive community today

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Nick has advised 20+ International Federations

Here's just a handful :)


Enjoy learning and personal development

Possess a growth mindset

Open to new ideas and perspectives

Can dedicate some time to growth

Don't enjoy learning

Lack time and desire to grow

Have fixed views and perspectives

Comfortable with current development

"Nick has been a massive catalyst for improvement and growth in my coaching!"

Patrick Redfern
Southern Canberra Gymnastics, AUS

What You Can Expect As A Member

Becoming a member of the 'Gymnastics Growth Academy' will not win you more medals, improve your coaching or make a positive impact on your athletes without a commitment to implementing the content or being reflective about its messaging.

But with the right investment of time and energy, growth is inevitable. As a result of working with me, existing clients of my other programmes:

  • Experience boosts in confidence.
  • Develop stronger belief systems and greater self awareness.
  • Have more conviction in their coaching and leadership.
  • Feel supported and valued.
  • Increase knowledge across numerous fields.
  • Develop strong relationships with other community members.
  • ENJOY their coaching more.


Become a part of Nick Ruddock's exclusive community today

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership to the Gymnastics Growth Academy is for one subscriber.

Initially, the content within the Gymnastics Growth Academy is delivered with the context of Woman's Artistic Gymnastics, although coaches from all disciplines can benefit from the programme significantly, with several transferrable topics being discussed.

Your membership can be cancelled at any time, and no subsequent payments will be taken. You will remain a member of the Gymnastics Growth Academy until the end of your billing cycle. 

All the content within the Gymnastics Growth Academy can be streamed through WIFI or 3G/4G connection, on desktop and mobile devices. It is not possible to download the content to view offline. 

Absolutely! This programme has been put together with the international gymnastics community in mind. Coaches from all over the world are welcome :)

A simple cancellation form will allow us to close your account at the end of your monthly billing cycle, with no further payments being taken at all.

Internationally Connected

With members from 20 nations within the Gymnastics Growth Academy Community, it truly is an international programme.

"Nick inspires me, motivates me and empowers me. Nick has helped increased my technical knowledge. He has a very humble, respectful manner and will help anyone who wants to learn."

Sarah Jane Scott
Dynamic Gymnastics Club, UK

It's Time To Take Action

By now you've probably already made your mind up about whether the 'Gymnastics Growth Academy' is for you, and there's not much left for me to do but to await your enrolment and serve the existing members of the community in which I hope you'll be a part of. 

I trust you'll make the right decision based on your goals and desires.

I've opened up a door for you, it's down to you to walk through it. But only if the time is right, the desire is present, and the journey is worthwhile.

See you on the inside.



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