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Speak with any great leader, coach or organisation, and they’ll have a fine-tuned strategy in place to ensure they reach their specific targets.

They won’t attempt to reach their targets with “tactics” alone – jumping from thing to thing, and changing things up as soon as they appear not to be working.

You see, when you know where you’re going, it’s much easier to understand how you’re going to get there.

Just so we’re absolutely clear, strategy is not just a fancy word from tactics, so if you’re not sure exactly what I mean by strategy, then allow me to explain:

Your club might have an objective to be the best club in your region.

You’ll formulate a strategy for how – over time – you’re going to become the best club in the region. 

The strategy will then dictate the tactics you’ll use in order to carry out your strategy.

This all might sound obvious to you, but in my time travelling the world, I’ve recognised that it is very uncommon for gymnastics clubs to have a well-considered strategy in place.

There are four main reasons why:

1. Coaching is a time consuming task and leaves little time for reflection and strategic planning.

Let’s face it, there is a ton of ‘hands on’ work to be done in the gym, and the last thing most coaches fancy doing after a 40 week near the chalk bucket is forging a strategy around a meeting table.

2. Most people confuse ‘strategy' with ‘tactics’ and they are NOT the same thing.

Consider strategy the 'recipe', and tactics the ‘ingredients.’ You can have the finest resources in the world at your disposal, but if you can’t put them to work effectively, they aren’t much good!

3. Strategy can be intimidating.

It’s unknown territory, possibly full of jargon, and whilst we may see the value in the concept, we much prefer to stay in our comfort zones and focus on what we already know best. Or at least, what we think is best.

4. It sounds boring.

Some coaches feel like they’re there to ‘coach’, not write things down on paper and agree to a set of actions.

If any of these ring true to you, then I’ve got some good news for you: true strategy is not what you think it is.

For a start, strategy SAVES time. Acres of it in fact.  And when you prioritise it, you give your club far more chance of doing the right stuff.

You see, when you know what your goals are, it becomes much easier to know what activity needs to happen in order to achieve those goals.

Rather than spending ALL your time in the gym, grafting and sweating without making any progress, you start with a small amount of time on strategy.

Because once you’ve nailed your strategy, your activity is designed specifically to make progress.

Secondly, strategy does not have to be dull, boring or tedious.

Actually, it’s the opposite.  You see, it’s not all notebooks and whiteboards – good strategy actually brings people together, and invites collaboration and teamwork.

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"Gerben Wiersma was outstanding value on his own, even without the rest of the amazing expertise on offer."

William Smith
Flair Gymnastics Club

But here’s the thing: how do you know what the RIGHT strategy is for your club?

How do you identify the correct goals and understand the most effective way of achieving them? 

How do you distill that strategy down into an understandable format that your entire team can work off and get bought into?

These are not easy questions to answer.  And for most coaches, they’re sufficiently difficult enough questions that they never get answered.

There’s always a training session to run, more drills to do, or competitions to prepare for.

Strategy never gets to the top of the ‘to-do’ list, and even if it does, no one knows where to start, so it doesn’t happen.

And that’s why you’re reading this.

At this year’s GymCon, together with a star-studded lineup of some of the biggest names in the world of Gymnastics, we dove deep into the topic of strategy, discussing and sharing;

  1. What strategy is, how it can be crafted and how it can massively impact your gymnasts’ results on the competition floor.
  2. Real life examples of successful strategies within performance sport and their implementation.
  3. Templates and tools to guide you through the process, so you can get to work as soon as you get back to the gym.

You'll be pleased to know that we recorded the event live with a professional crew, and we've packaged it up with some additional content to create this bundle, a lifetime access member area where you'll be guided through the stages of crafting and executing an effective strategy to take your athletes and club from where it is now, to where you want to get to.

Access Now for £199.99

What's Included

3 hours of Strategic Content

4 amazing stage recordings from GymCon 2019, with Nick Ruddock, Gerben Wiersma, Barry Collie and Aimee Boorman.

3 hours of Group Coaching

An additional three hours of in-depth coaching from Nick Ruddock, to help you build your strategy for success.

Nick's Session Templates

Downloadable templates from Nick Ruddock's stage session.

"I enjoyed hearing how the process of creating a strategy actually translated into something that was tangible enough to see and understand."

Cimbryt Smith
GymCon 2019 Delegate

Who Will I Be Learning From?

Having consulted and advised on this very topic to multiple international teams you’ll see on the world stage, I know a thing or two about strategy, but when it came to GymCon, the audience didn’t just hear from me. 

Far from it.

With the likes of Scott Hann MBE, Dr Dave Tilley and Valorie Kondos Field stepping up on stage in previous years, the bar was set rather high, but I was confident I had it well covered. 

Each year, I guarantee the audience the very best speakers and experts to help me deliver a compelling and transformational conference which has the power to seismically impact your results. 

GymCon 2019 was no exception, and I secured some of the hottest names in gymnastics, with the world class medals to match. 

Put simply, if you can’t learn from these coaches, you’ve got little chance of learning at all. 

Access Now for £199.99

Session 1 - Gerben Wiersma Head Coach Team NED (WAG)

Session 2 - Nick Ruddock Gymnastics Coach and Consultant

Session 3 - Aimee Boorman Former Coach to Simone Biles

Session 4 - Barry Collie National Coach GBR (MAG)

Nick Ruddock has consulted and provided advice and services to 21 international gymnastics federations, including the National Governing Bodies and National Teams of Japan, Germany, Brazil, France, Romania and Netherlands. He has also lectured and provided technical support and education services to the European Union of Gymnastics for almost a decade. Now recognised as a world leading coach educator within the international gymnastics community, Nick has educated tens of thousands of coaches worldwide, with many attending his annual education conferences and workshops alongside an ever-growing community of followers of his online educational material and private coaching programmes.  His exposure to clubs, coaches and systems across many countries and continents offers Nick a unique perspective on the sport, and one that he readily shares with his community and at his events to help coaches achieve their goals and ambitions at all levels.
Aimee Boorman needs little introduction to the artistic gymnastics community, having coached the greatest women’s artistic gymnast of all time, Simone Biles to multiple World and Olympic titles, and as Head Coach of the USA Woman’s Olympic Gymnastics Team in Rio 2016. Aimee answered my questions live on stage related to her philosophies, journey and strategies used to coach the greatest female gymnast of all time.
Gerben Wiersma is the Head National Coach of the WAG Dutch National Team. Gerben has extensive expertise as both a personal and national coach at international level, and has lead the Dutch team of athletes and coaches to a signifiant rise in performance in recent years, culminating in medals at World, European and Olympic level. Gerben delivered a strategy packed presentation at GymCon 2019. It’s worth the £124.99 price tag for this alone!
Barry Collie is currently the National Coach for the highly successful Team GB Mens Artistic team, following a lengthy and unrivalled stint as the National Junior Coach, leading the younger team members to dominate European results for several years. Barry was a great asset to GymCon 2019, adding enormous value and expertise to our strategic theme, having successfully crafted and implemented road maps that have lead to medals at European, Commonwealth and Olympic level.
Access Now for £199.99

What's Included?


In addition to the 3 hours + of content from myself, Aimee Boorman, Barry Collie and Gerben Wiersma, where we share proven strategies and philosphies that have led to medals at World Class level, I delivered three x 60 minute online group coaching sessions as part of the GymCon 2019 bundle.

These online coaching calls were delivered using a nifty tool called 'Zoom', and you'll find the recordings within your members library as soon as you sign up.

"Nick's session on strategy was so valuable and has led to a number of extended discussions today to ensure we fulfils our team goals."

Lesley Browne

On these calls, I guided viewers through the key considerations of an effective strategy, helping them and now you to identify potential blind spots in your current one.

These calls were just as valuable as the content delivered on stage, and if you have any questions about the content, you're free to ask in the comments section, where I'll give you a considered response within a few days.


"A really fantastic balance of education, motivation and reflection."

Jack Hedges
Pegasus Gymnastics Club

Your Investment

With all of this laid out in front of you, it’d be natural for you to assume that the recording of this event along with the additional group coaching calls will cost many hundreds of pounds. 

After all, it’s over three hours of ‘lifetime access’ content from four speakers who have all contributed to athletes winning Olympic medals, plus the few hours of group coaching combined.

But if you were thinking that you’d have to sell your car to access this material you’d be wrong.

When you consider that access to this level of speaker would usually cost you hundreds of pounds (if you can get time in their schedules!) and coaching from me is usually reserved for my international clients and Inner Circle members, you'll be pleasantly surprised your investment is just £199.99.


Access Now for £199.99

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