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The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing

I’m often asked about ‘my story’, and how I came from being an average recreational gymnast to an in-demand coach consulting with multiple international federations all over the world.

And I wish I could take all the credit.  But that wouldn’t be fair, or accurate.

You see, I firmly believe that the thing that sets me apart from a lot of other people is my eagerness and willingness to learn.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds flying around the world to access the highest quality mentorship and moved mountains to spend time in great environments.

And I still do, to this day.  My learning isn’t done.  And yours shouldn’t be either.

"The best gymnastics event I have been to"

Chloe Carey
Head Coach, Harrogate Gymnastics Club

I’m sure you’ll agree that in order to fulfil our potential, we all need to be challenged, guided and educated.

But how’s that going to happen if you don’t seek out opportunities to be challenged, guided and educated?

Our events are designed specifically to do all three of those things, bringing together world class, experienced speakers and topical, fundamental topics, all with the aim of accelerating your progress as a coach.

"I would highly recommend Nick's events to other coaches wishing to develop their club's programme"

Katie Foster
Notts Gymnastics Academy

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Our goal with each event is simple:

  • Improve your results
  • Give you the building blocks to progress in your career
  • Improve the lives and results of the athletes in your care

Alongside our technical workshops, we run our flagship Gymnastics Conference each summer, and so far we’ve been delighted to welcome Jonas Dodoo, Katie Richards, Scott Hann MBE, Nile Wilson, Valorie Kondos Field, Nick Littlehales and Dr Dave Tilley to the stage.

Oh, and I usually do a session too!

"Very informative, inspirational and mind blowing"

Emma Gillespie
North Walsham Gymnastics Club

"Clear and concise, whilst challenging you to change your thinking - really interesting!"

Ruth Nation
Cambridge Gymnastics Academy

If you’re serious about your progression as a coach, and – just as importantly – about your athletes’ potential, then I strongly recommend you join us at an event: I promise you that they have the ability to make a profound difference to you, to your gym and to your athletes.

"It was my first gymnastics conference and my expectations were exceeded"

Jack Hedges
Pegasus Gymnastics Club

"I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole event, the speakers were all outstanding and the way each part was presented was amazing"

Ciara Rowley
Ynys Mon Gymnastics Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We may be bias, but we feel that gymnastics is the greatest sport on earth, and the foundation of all other sports too. That's why we attract coaches from several other sports also. With plenty of cross pollination between sports and disciplines, with the right mindset it's impossible to leave a Nick Ruddock event without learning something to improve performance at home. 

Other than being older than 16, there are no eligibility requirements to attend a Nick Ruddock event. 

Nick Ruddock events regularly attract hundreds of coaches, many of which are from overseas. With 14 countries previously being represented at GymCon 2018, we're an inclusive event provider who loves to share and exchange information.

None at all :) Coaches from a vast range of backgrounds fill our venues, from volunteers to national coaches and the cream of international gymnastics. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will gain something from attending. 

"As always an exceptionally informative and inspiring day with Nick Ruddock Gymnastics"

Tom Yates
City of Manchester Gymnastics

"It was an amazing experience and an event every coach should attend to expand their knowledge"

Rabin Beeloo
Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

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