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Choreography Masterclass with Patrick Kiens

A full day with Netherlands National Team Coach and Choreographer Patrick Kiens, held 10-4pm, November 25th 2018 at the GMAC Centre in Birmingham.

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Just You, Me And A World Leader In Artistry?

Introducing a unique, one-off opportunity to access cutting-edge content from a world leader in artistry…

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve managed secure the Netherlands National Team Coach and Choreographer Patrick Kiens for a one-off live event in the Midlands on November 25th this year.

And you’re invited.

I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with what Patrick’s been doing with the Netherlands team, and that’s why I’ve moved pillar and post to get him here – gymnastics coaches in the UK (and further afield) simply need to access this guy’s mind.

As you’ll know, the Netherlands are the world leaders in artistry, and they’ve managed to develop a formula that the judges and fans love – Patrick will be sharing a lot of the thinking behind what they do, why it works and how you can do something similar in your context.

As you probably know, as well as being a choreographer to the Dutch National Team, Patrick is also personal coach to Eythora Thorsdottir - an Olympic Finalist and European Medallist - so it’s fair to say that his methods have worked extremely well indeed – just another reason why listening to Patrick this November is a November.

At the 2018 Choreography Masterclass, Patrick will be delivering some super practical sessions designed to help your athletes improve their artistry and choreography.

Patrick has been instrumental in the recent success of the Netherlands team, and I’ve no doubt that what he shares with us in Birmingham will be hugely beneficial for you and your athletes.

He cooperates his performing arts expertise into the world of gymnastics and is responsible for creating an ‘artistry’ culture in the Netherlands.

He has a clear vision about artistry in Gymnastics, creating a programme for the Dutch National team which gave them the image of being one of the most Artistic countries in the Gymnastics community.

"We enjoy the Netherlands work in choreography, dance, pirouettes and their abilities very much. They are bringing something different to gymnastics."

Donatella Sacchi
FIG President of the Woman's Technical Committee

Who Is Patrick Kiens?

A mastermind behind the Dutch national team's recent success

  • Dutch National Team Coach and Choreographer
  • Personal Coach to Eythora Thorsdottir, 9th All Around at the 2016 Olympic Games, and Floor & Beam European Medallist
  • Expert Lecturer for UEG and FIG
  • Consultant and Speaker to International Federations

"You will continue to see us do things differently than the other nations"

Gerben Wiersma
Head National Coach, Netherlands WAG Team

Why Choreography?

Artistry and artistic performance are now essential aspects in women’s artistic gymnastics, and the weight that judges are now giving to them means that teams MUST invest time in this style of training.
Trust me, I can only see artistry becoming more important, which means getting clued up on it is non-negotiable. In fact, you don’t even need to take it from me. I’ve recently spent a few days with Donatella Sacchi, President of the FIG WTC (there’s nobody higher in the world of woman’s gymnastics) and when asked about the future code of points she said 'we would like to increase the pressure on artistry.'
So there you go, straight from the top. It's going to have an even greater emphasis.
Let’s face it, not every athlete will be able to perform a 'double double' on the world stage, but with world class choreography, you needn't bother. 
The Netherlands have truly ‘hacked' the code of points, finding ingenious, beautiful and high value methods to raise their final scores. And they’ve won the hearts of the judges and audience in the process.
They go by the name of #OrangeElegance, and they're a new force to be reckoned with on the world stage.
Secure my place for £89.99

What's Included?

Perfectly Practical

Over 4 hours of practically delivered expert content from Patrick himself

Full Professional Recording

All delegates will receive the full professional recording once available

Q & A Opportunities

There will be plenty of time to pick Patrick's brains

You'll leave the Choreography Masterclass with:

  • A true understanding of what Artistry really means and how it can be accomplished.
  • Clarity on the Artistry requirements in the FIG Code of Points, yet also applicable to all levels.
  • Strategies to boost your athletes confidence in 'selling' their performance on the competition stage.
  • Guidelines to embed an artistry programme into your own training models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our events regularly attract coaches from all over the world! Any nationality is welcome!

Demonstrators will be provided and therefore only coaches who purchase a ticket to the event will attend.

This is a practical clinic delivered in one of the UK's largest and most cutting edge gymnastics facilities.

There are no qualification or affiliation requirements to attend a Nick Ruddock Gymnastic event. You just need a paper, pen and an open mind!

What sort of event is it?

If you’ve been to one of our events before, you might be wondering whether this event will be similar to one you attended.

And the answer is: it depends.

If you’re thinking ‘GymCon’, in a nice hotel mainly listening to presentations, then no, it’s not going to be that sort of event.

But if you’ve been to our Physical Preparation Masterclass in the last couple of years, then yes, it’s a lot more like that.

In short, Patrick won’t just be talking, but using athletes to illustrate his point, so you won’t just walk away with pages of notes (although that will definitely happen to), you’ll have seen the theory demonstrated right in front of you.

Secure my place for £89.99

Limited Space Available

You won’t be surprised to learn that this event has been HUGELY anticipated ever since I announced it back at GymCon in June.

In fact, a large chunk of the 150 tickets were snapped up that day, with many more GymCon delegates picking up their tickets in the weeks that followed.

But – thankfully – there’s still space, as long as you move quick.

Secure my place for £89.99

Your Investment

You'd be forgiven for thinking that access to a world class coach and choreographer like Patrick will cost you an arm and a leg, particularly with the full professional recording being thrown in for free.

But that's not the case.

You see it's always been my mission to ensure that any coach, at any level can access cutting edge education resources and events, learning from the worlds best, and therefore price should not be a barrier.

Over four hours of expert, practically delivered content from Patrick, plus the full professional recording with lifetime access is yours for an investment of £89.99.

Secure my place for £89.99

Travel couldn't be easier

UK Central, via multiple major transport routes

Close to Birmingham International Airport

Just miles from Birmingham New Street Train Station

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If you fancy coming along to Birmingham on November 25th and learning from a world leader in artistry and choreography, I’d recommend grabbing a ticket – don't delay we have a limited number remaining!

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