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nick ruddock Mar 23, 2018

Leadership. A topic I am immensely passionate about and a quality I strive to demonstrate in all of my work.

The concept of leadership has changed drastically in recent years. As a society, we seem to recognise now that orders and dictatorship are no match for cultivating an environment which encourages people to be independent and work together.

Leadership is many things, and I’m sure means different things to different people.

Here’s my take on it:

Leadership is supporting, mentoring and guiding all individuals within your team or workplace.

Leadership is encouraging people to speak their mind, and listening with open ears.

Leadership is creating an environment where people are encouraged to be themselves.

Leadership is recognising that everybody has qualities, and profiting from them.

Leadership is allowing those around you to share the credit.

Leadership is cultivating a ‘we’ not ‘me’ mentality.

Leadership is creating opportunities for others.

Leadership is encouraging independence, not inter-dependance.

Leadership is letting go of control.

Leadership is developing people.

Leadership is letting your bias go.

Leadership is recognising when you don’t know something, and inviting help from those that do.

Leadership is getting 'stuck in', doing the donkey work with everybody else.

Leadership is setting an example.

Leadership is being accountable for everything that happens.

Leadership is being consistent.

Leadership is personal.

Leadership is when you surround yourself with people smarter than you, letting them do what they do best.

Leadership is growing more leaders.

Leadership happens at all levels. It’s not just the job of the CEO, the Head Coach or the Coaching Director. Leadership can and should be demonstrated at every single level of the club, including the athletes.

If you’re looking to improve the culture of your gym, start with encouraging the above qualities, and recognising when they are being demonstrated.

It goes a long way.

What qualities do you recognise in great leaders?

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