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nick ruddock Mar 14, 2019
Strategy; a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. 
It’s the recipe that brings all the ingredients together, and is a massively under-developed aspect of many organisations I’ve consulted for.
A lot of organisations are opportunity rich, yet lack strategic thought, and therefore underperform against their potential. 
There is massive potential to supercharge performance through an effective strategic plan!
It needn’t be complicated! But it does require some thought, and doing that requires 'head space', something a lot of head coaches and club managers lack, due to spending so much time on tasks that keep them busy, yet are unproductive against the development of the organisation. 
Those in leadership decisions are ultimately responsible for the direction of their team. The team then collectively comes together to serve that mission. If those in formal leadership positions lack the clarity and time to develop a strategic plan for the workforce, then they will compromise an entire organisation. 
My 'High Performance Health Check' model below sequentially demonstrates the multiple layers that contribute to a high performing environment. 
This sequential model, illustrates the importance that Company Mission, Vision and Values play (top layer), affecting all other layers that fall underneath.
Without clarity on what the organisation is working towards, how can it effectively deliver?
It bears the question … do you have clarity on the mission and vision of your club or organisation?
If the answer is yes, is your vision as a coach congruent with the organisation in which you work for? I meet coaches all over the world that aspire to be involved in high performance sport, yet are frustrated with their clubs’ lack of interest in this area. They tell me how they ‘don’t have any support’ or that their club ‘doesn’t want to invest in performance.’
If there is conflict between your personal vision/goals and the organisations, you're likely set on a path of frustration, as opposed to a match made in heaven. 
If the answer is no, and your organisation lacks clarity on what it is working towards, this needs to be a priority topic to raise.
Start with some simple questions.
Why does this organisation exist?
What are we working for?
What’s most important to this organisation?
Where would we like to be as an organisation in ten years time?
What does success look like to us?
Get specific.
How many members would we like to have?
How much revenue would we like/need to make?
How many athletes would we like to have performing at the different levels?
What impact and influence would we like to have on the people that spend time with us?
Strategy can only begin through total clarity on exactly what is trying to be achieved. 
That means all staff and team members having clarity, not just a small group within the leadership team. 
Clarity precedes mastery. Without it, you’re underperforming.

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